Not Maintaining Compliance Runs a High Risk


Healthcare has the 5th highest count of ransomware among all industries


75% of the entire healthcare industry was infected with malware in 2016


More than 50% of the healthcare industry has a network security score of a C or lower

HIPAA Compliance Solutions from ITS

ITS helps doctor’s and dentist’s offices, clinics, hospitals, pharmacies and other healthcare organizations implement and maintain fully-compliant data collection, transmission and storage solutions. Whether you’re looking for one-time compliance assistance or ongoing security management, our knowledgeable compliance experts will identify the most innovative and cost-effective ways to ensure that patient data is protected.

  • Compliance planning and implementation
  • Team security training
  • System monitoring and testing
  • Audits, reporting and breach notification

See how HIPAA compliance solutions impact your business.

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Protect your patients and safeguard your sensitive health care information.

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