Is Your Network Really Functioning Like You Want It to?


Employees waste 1 week per year waiting on their company’s network connection


It’s estimated that there will be 30 billion wireless devices in use by 2020


Nielsen’s Law of Internet Bandwidth states that Internet usage doubles every 12 months

Network Design & Deployment from ITS

Your team’s to-do list is already running long, you can’t afford to spend half your day rebooting routers, updating software, or troubleshooting network problems. Our network design and deployment solutions enhance your IT infrastructure so you can say goodbye to network frustrations and hello to uninterrupted productivity. Whether you’re looking for a structured cabling solution or want to get your people moving with the latest Wi-Fi solution, we’re your go-to partner. Once installed, our job isn’t over; we’ll keep an active eye on your systems and if any issues ever pop up, we’re a simple phone call away.

  • Unify your networks
  • Secure your connections
  • Improve productivity
  • Be prepared for expansion

See how network design impacts your business.

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