Failure to Plan is a Plan to Fail


48% of business owners say they don’t have a business continuity plan


75% of companies without a continuity plan fail within 3 years after facing a disaster


Those that can’t resume operations within 10 days after a disaster are not likely to survive

Business Continuity Planning from ITS

If your system gets knocked down how long will it take for you to get back up—minutes, days? ITS performs complete assessments to determine your business continuity needs and implements solutions to address a variety of scenarios from major storms and fires to employee mishaps and more. You can’t predict unexpected events, but with a business continuity plan, we can predict the outcome.

  • Full assessment of business continuity needs
  • Professionally designed and implemented plan
  • Automated backups of vital data
  • Monitored backups to ensure proper execution

See how a business continuity plan impacts your business.

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Don’t wait for disaster to happen, let’s make a plan now.

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